MARMOTTONE CRUSHER (Download pdf version)


Toothed roller crusher for all types of marbles


Toothed roller Crusher for all types of marbles (also granite): powerful, quiet variable particle size using vibrating screen

Available three-phase or single-phase

Shatters all debris of marbles including granite, stones, bricks, tiles, tiles, tiles, cement, tiles, travertine, glass and all the different types of construction rubble with chance to sift 3 grain sizes simultaneously.

Considerable cost savings
Respects the environment and makes the problem of disposal of debris and transporting the landfill because the crushed material is reusable in various ways.
Immediate recycling.
Quickly and quietly Shatters these debris examining simultaneously in 3 different sizes and with possibility of insacchettare the various chips directly.

Single phase 3 hp motor power kw 2.2
3-phase 5.5 hp engine power kw 4
Vibrating screen motor power 50 watt load material Height 175 cm
Weight 450 kg
16 ampere rating to
Variable grain size
Ability to work about 1 cubic meters/hour

Mouth dimensions cm material step 24x22
Mouth size 70 x 50 cm material load

Length 130 cm
Width cm 100
Height cm 221