Foam generator Model 10 (Download pdf version)

Foam generator Model 10

Foam generator for lightweight concrete made from polystyrene and cellular

Foam generator Model 10

Foam generator for lightweight concretes based on mobile phone and polystyrene to match our mixers with INTOMIX pump-COMBIMIX

Intended for preliminary preparation of foam for cellular concrete production.
The foam is generated by Air insufflation in the mixture consisting of water and foam additive in a turbulence-contact.

The additive concentrates, which placed in the top tank of the machine descends into fall pump avoiding risks of clogging.
Quantity adjustment is carried out via appositorubinetto.

Water supply, which is to be placed in the lower reservoir, is interrupted during operation automatically by the float in the tank.
At the end of work the pump and the turbulence Chamber is cleaned quickly and easily through the exhaust valves.

Hp 5.5 kw motor power 4
:D production to 12 cubic meters of foam a24 for now
Weight kg 135
Length 110 cm
80 cm width
C 120 m height

Practical, handy

Easy to use and clean