sports house multipurpose vehicle

sports house multipurpose Vehicle

GM-BV Gianpiero and Manuela Brevetti Visini

"Josephine" model

Pedal to start walking again ... from limitation to impossible ...

Multipurpose vehicle suitable for use in the home by people with impaired mobility in the lower limbs, which stimulates a gentle and pleasant movement for the well-being of the whole body.

It can be used as a versatile camera bike that allows movements that involve most of the muscles of the body: from the legs to the pelvis, from the bust to the arms, all in harmony comfortably seated in the armchair.
It can also be used as a means of moving home and turning the direction of travel moves like a wheelchair.
Ideal for rehabilitation and for people with momentary limitations and for all people who want to stay fit in their own home.

You can apply a basket of objects and / or a food tray to the treadmill.

An anchor strap can be applied to the crankshafts.

The swivel seat has an eco-leather jacket and comes complete with armrests if necessary, a safety belt can be applied.

You can hook up a basket with different accessories on the platform on the back of the vehicle.

Handy, divisible into two parts can be easily moved and carried in a car.

Possibility of road entry by completing accessories such as brakes, lanterns, glides and arrows.